3 shootings in 3 days in South Salt Lake. Taken March 3, 2018 by Randy Likness

(KUTV) – It was a deadly and violent weekend in South Salt Lake.

One man was shot and killed and three others shot and injured. One apartment building was shot early Monday morning.

Residents and city leaders are concerned.

“Is this just a fluke or is it an upward tick in crime?” said South Salt Lake City Councilman Shane Siwik.

Siwik said he’s concerned that South Salt Lake, which has about 24,000 residents, already has a higher crime rate than other cities.

He said it’s not just the job of the police to figure out why violence has spiked in the last few days, he said it’s a discussion that should happen between the city leaders and members of the community.

Council Member Corey Thomas, who has lived in South Salt Lake for seven years, said she is concerned about the violence.

Chief Jack Carruth said his officers are working hard on the investigations. Arrests have been made in all the recent shooting cases except in the case of the apartment building that was hit by bullets.

That happened at South Parc Apartments on 440 East 2235 South.

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