SALT LAKE CITY – It’s an extremely difficult day at the Salt Lake Tribune, mainly for those who are now out of work, but also for the remaining staff who are witnessing their colleagues and friends lose their jobs.

The layoffs announced at the Salt Lake Tribune last week happened Monday morning.

Some employees are telling Fox 13 News the up to 30 layoffs include a mix of straightforward job cuts as well as some retirements.

The local layoffs come as we are seeing the larger trend across many media outlets in the U.S.

Many of my colleagues were laid off today. Sorrow for them and that the Trib is losing such dedicated journalists

— Pat Bagley (@Patbagley) May 14, 2018

Just heard the total cuts are going to be about 34 spots, including five retirements last week.

It’s a lot deeper than I expected.

— RobertGehrke (@RobertGehrke) May 14, 2018

That’s over a third of the Salt Lake Tribune’s staff. 94 names listed on our staff list when I counted last week. Gehrke says 34 out today. I’m thankful my name isn’t on the list, but I’m hurting for those who are.

— Taylor W Anderson (@TaylorWAnderson) May 14, 2018

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